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Saturday, 23 August 2008

On the Absence of Matt

The more observant among you will have noticed that Matt has not written a blog entry for a while. It is not for lack of want but more for being completely inundated of late:
  • His teaching course load this semester is heavier.
  • His non-academic job continues to suck up his time and its hours limit the time he can stay up til.
  • He still is attending all my law lectures and tutorials as my pain levels are not up to attending in person this semester as hoped.
  • My pain levels and surgury news and the impact they have made have sucked up his energy and time.
  • Last week he had a guest lecture to prepare and give.
  • Soon he has a seminar in Tauranga to prepare and give.
  • He is working on a new and exciting project which hopefully will see him dump his non-academic job.
  • Then several of the usual distractions of life have managed to crop up too on top of a rather busy social calendar.
So life is good and full and interesting for Matt, the future is looking bright, but blogging has taken a back seat!

He hopes to have a little more time for it soon.

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