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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Spot the Difference

This is a photo of me taken last weekend on my daughter's cell phone (not the best photo of me but our camera is broken):

This is a photo of my 16 year old daughter:

This is a photo of me with my 16 year old daughter, also taken last weekend:Can you spot the difference?

Why am I posting these and asking this? Because of this comment here:

"This is a great pic as it is a reminder of you on more than one level. Big piles of chocolate chip biscuits are a good reminder that the hot photos of Madeleine on this blog are probably photos of her daughter she pretends are photos of her because she is such a big fattie (and now a big fat liar too about what she looks like).Come on Maddy show us a picture of what you really look like. But then of course no one would want to read your blog because looking at you would make them sick.
Now this is kinda funny, kind flattering and kinda strange - whilst its nice at age 35 to get mistaken for your 16 year old daughter, what can I say its a combination of my Anew Skincare regime and my Knapp genes, but being accused of impersonating her because I am in reality ugly and fat is ridiculous!

Whilst my daughter wrote a response, I had intended to just ignore this post but recent events on Kiwiblog have led me to change my mind. In the comments section I find myself being slammed for being fat, loving burgers and biscuits and telling porkies about what I really look like because I wrote a comment critical of the current government's welfare programme for workers a.k.a Working for Families.

James (207) Says: September 30th, 2008 at 7:33 pm
We all know how much Maddy loves her burgers and chocolate biccies.
Did you see on her blog she has been outed for using her daughter to impersonate herself?”
Well theres a suprise….Mad woman Flanagan telling porkies….golly! Next it will be claims of sexual harrassment….oh wait…
The photos of me on this blog are of me. Ask the bloggers I have been face to face with in recent months if my photos are lying about what I really look like - David Farrar, Dave Crampton, Ian Wishart, A. J. Chesswas, Andy Moore, Glenn Peoples, Jason Kumar to name a few.

Finally if that does not convince you check out the front cover of the current Auckland University In House Short Courses brochure or ask Dr William Lane Craig who introduced me to the crowd at Auckland University debate on Is God a Delusion - watch the video, the introduction happens literally minutes into the debate, you can see me right up the front - note the date.

Overall I suppose all of this is a complement as if the best criticism someone can level at me is that I am fat and ugly then that is a real complement to my mind and it really speaks to the reasoning ability of my critics. This is normally a tactic of the left but the James quoted above is an apologist of Jim Peron - sadly he is a member of the right.

It also speaks to their observation skills, this photo was taken earlier this year and I am sorry if this sounds vain but I am not fat and I am not ugly and as my daughter said, where are the photos of those making the comments?

The only people telling porkies are my critics. Now we have settled that can we get over what I look like and get back to real issues?


  1. I think you are hot and smart.
    Ignore those pricks.

  2. Heheheh, that is funny. Oh Madeline, you did make one mistake though - those first two pictures, you got them round the wrong way...

  3. Andy you are not helping. LOL!

    They are around the right way.

    Its your MandM pic that started all this!


  4. Interesting isn't it that a Peron apologist starts this.

    The timing I mean.

    The last time Rodney and Winston had a scrap it was over Peron and you got Winnie out of hot water.

    Now its round two of the Rodney v Winston bout and the sycophants can smell blood so they are out for vengeance.

    Thing was that you did the ACT party a favour ridding it of that kiddy fiddler apologist.

  5. Yummy Mummy!

    I don't know what they are on about - they are blind.

  6. I have no comment that will not get me arrested.


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