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Friday, 6 June 2008

Another Reason to not Vote Green

I clearly have been spending to much time at Auckland Uni. The other day I was walking from one of Madeleine’s Law lectures. (I have been taping lectures and note taking for her while she has been injured) when a sign caught my eye. It stated “ I only date those who vote green” Now the person who put this sign up was making a point. They were not simply telling the world of their romantic preferences. The sign was intended to make a political point. To advertise the Green party presumably to encourage others to vote for them.

But why? What reasons do the Greens suggest we base this decison on? Voting is a serious business. Parliament legislates: it lays down rules for everyone to follow and backs these up with sanctions. If I refuse to obey these laws by liberty and property will be taken from me. If I refuse to comply I can be physically restrained, beaten, tasered or even shot. This is a serious business, we need to ensure that when people pass laws they do so for good reasons, that they are justified in doing so. If they are not then the state is merely an armed thug who arbitrarily intmidates and assaults others simply because they do not do what it wants.

For these reasons it’s important that we are careful what parties we vote for. We need to be sure that as far as is possible the people who get in will support policies and platforms that yields this awesome power. Justly, that it will use force against aggressor and those guilty of serious crimes while safeguarding the freedoms of the innocent.

The Greens apparently demur. Apparently they think that I should support a party platform merely because doing so will get me a date. Apparently, such questions as whether or not another’s liberty is restricted, whether another person is thrown in jail or their property and economic livelihood is taken from should be determined by whether the person who advocates it looks sexy and is attractive.

These posters then tell us one thing. Don’t vote green, people who hold your and my liberties in such disregard and commend and encourage such a superficial regard for the political process as this are unworthy of office. Anyone who will advocate use naked force against third parties merely to get a date is to corrupt to go anywhere near parliament.

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