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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Massey ODE

I meant to post this ages ago but I have been waiting on the accompanying photos. In a recent post I alluded to Madeleine winning her last equestrian event (pre-car accident). In the last few years she has resumed her sporting interest in horse riding and when our daughter Sheridan bought her horse Trogdor the Burninator (Troggy for short) and had some behavioural problems with him, Madeleine took him on and got him sorted out.

Troggy appeared to not have had any jumping or showing or eventing experience and as Sherry wanted to do pony club Madeleine taught him how to jump and entered him in a couple of events. At his first event, a darby day which is cross country jumping mixed with show jumping stations, they were placed 5th. Which was pretty good for a first outing for Troggy and for Madeleine's first outing in 15 years.

A few weeks later though at the Massey One Day Event (ODE) an event comprising of a Dressage test, a Showjumping round and Cross Country jumping round Madeleine and Troggy found themselves placed second in the Dressage. They went on to jump clear in the showjumping and clear in the cross country. The rider ahead of Madeleine at the close of the dressage did not ride clear so Madeleine won first place.

Here is Madeleine following the prizegiving with her Blue Dressage Rosette and her Red First Place Overall Rosette.

Here they are clearing the last jump of the Cross Country, securing their win.

Madeleine had hoped to compete on Troggy for the rest of the season and to have brought him up a couple of levels for Sherry but the car accident has put this on hold.

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  1. I have never seen a horse performing a jump with 3 legs still touching the ground!!!Your comments are idiotic!!!!


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