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Thursday, 30 November 2006

Brash is Gone

Brash has quit parliament apparently. Its a shame in many ways because he really had a lot to contribute and I would have liked to see him do more.

That said, if he had an affair whilst in office [note use of "if"] then he is unfit for office and quite rightly should go and sort out his personal affairs.

I am sick of this country accepting as public representatives people devoid of ethics, people unable to keep promises, people unable to tell the truth and people who think they are above the law and that the way to rebut anyone pointing out any of these things and questioning them on them is to dig dirt on them and say derogatory things about them.

Now to be fair to Brash, he did not do a Liarbour and he did leave. I don't for a second view him with the sheer utter contempt I view Helen, Field, Hodgson, Benson-Pope, Dyson and other Liarbour MP's still in office who have done despicable, unethical things and remained in office. Brash has redeemed himself in my eyes because he has done the right thing after allegedly messing up and doing the wrong thing.

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