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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

MandM Comments Policy

We welcome comments and critical reflections on our posts so to show our appreciation we have set MandM up to reward them. We use Comment Luv, so if you have a blog and you leave a comment on MandM, your latest post will show up under your comment automatically as a live URL, much like an invitation for other readers to visit your site with one click rather than clicking through to your profile.

Further, as MandM are "do follow" that link will be search engine spidered and will help to increase your page rank.

That said, we remind readers that MandM is our property and we are under no more obligation to accept comments on it than we are to allow everyone who knocks on our door into our house.

Nonetheless, we typically do not delete comments unless they are defamatory or spam but we reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason. This is not a form of censorship or an affront to free speech; to suggest it is is to confuse these matters with lack of sponsorship.

Currently we run no moderation on MandM and allow comments to be made without any form of ID, including anonymous comments, as we recognise that there can be good reasons as to why people do not wish to be identifiable. However, it is our preference that commenters, at the very least, adopt an identifiable name to avoid confusion.

Finally, we reserve the right to quote whatever you may write on our site and attribute it back to the handle you adopt, as once you comment it is public with all that that entails. Please do not be offended if we do this, we mean it as a compliment. If we quote you in a blog post it means your comment provoked our thoughts so significantly that we felt compelled to highlight your views and our reflections on them.

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