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Monday, 26 January 2009

Christian Blog Rankings for December 2008 - Tumeke

Extrapolating from Tumeke's December 2008 stats, the top 10 Christian Blogs on Public Discourse in New Zealand are as follows; these stats are used in the calculations for the MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blog rankings for December 08:
1. NZ Conservative (22 + 1)
2. Something Should Go Here, Maybe Later (Half Done) (24 + 9)
3. The Briefing Room (27 + 4)
4. MandM (50 - 4)
5. Kiwi Polemicist (71 + 1)
6. Contra Celsum (91 + 4)
7. Say Hello to my Little Friend (Beretta Blog) (94 + 3)
8. Star Studded Super Step (116 New)
9. Put up Thy Sword (118 - 20)
10. Samuel Dennis (129 – 67)
Of Note:
  • Again, no change in the number 1 spot, well done NZ Conservative.

  • Those in this month's top 7 held their positions fairly stably however some blogs saw massive drops – probably the nature of December in play.

  • We welcome some new faces in the Christian blogosphere; Andy Moore's Star Studded Super Step debuts at number 8 (of course this blog has been around a while but this is its first time on Tumeke's and MandM's rankings) and new comer, Blessed Economist.

Other Christian blogs making the top 200 NZ blogs on Public Discourse are:

(Numbers in brackets show the overall NZ ranking of each blog)

Note: This list does not include Christians who blog but whose blogs are not identifiably Christian and is based on Tumeke's classification and ranking methods.

If you think your blog should be on the rankings click here.

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