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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Recovery Update

I saw my surgeon this week and had confirmed what we expected; my recovery is outside the norm, I am not doing as well as expected. This means an extra month off work, at least, and no time frame as to when I can expect to return to work. Most people are back at work by now and fast working towards resuming full-time duties and are barely on any pain medication.

On the bright side the surgeon is not yet worried about my long term recovery prospects. There is still hope I can improve.

This is very frustrating for Matt and I as I am still fairly useless in terms of my ability to work, parent, blog, run the house and function in general and I still need a lot of care and support and drugs which screw with my brain. Living with ongoing pain and numbness and the limits that causes is very hard to take some days too - not to mention the financial implications.

We have been digesting this for a few days, hence the silence on the blog, but I am determined to get back to as close to normal as possible so Matt should have a few blogs up over the next day or so and I will keep working on doing the same too.


  1. Hi Madeleine,

    sorry to hear you are not recovering as quickly as you'd hoped.

    I've found in my life that when things don't turn out how I expect, that there is a deeper reason for this.

    For instance, it could mean that what you are expecting life to be life needs to be revised. Or some tough decisions need to be made.

    All of which could turn out for the good in the long term, with a lot of pain (not just physical) in the short.

    I'll pray for you, for recovery, for help and for a solution.

  2. Thanks :-) I am doing ok, I have peace about it all and am ready to accept whatever comes - the quandry I was in as to what to do about various issues this year is certainly becoming a lot clearer so that much is good.

    Nevertheless, each setback/piece of news/consequence, no matter how anticipated given the circumstances, is still hard to take when it actually comes or is made official. I know I will be fine and that I will navigate this fine but that doesn't take away completely the emotional side of it.

    This week has been rough. Next week will be too as we bed down some the events and issues of this week but then after that it should get better.


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