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Friday, 31 July 2009

Just Voted in the Smacking Referendum

Our voting papers for the smacking referendum arrived in this afternoon's post. Matt managed to make it home just before the post shop closed so our completed ballots are already in the mail on their way back to the Returning Officer.

It was easy; no driving, no parking, no queuing, no mucking around with ID.

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Fisking Ian Hassall: The Arbitrary Ethical Reasoning on the Smacking Referendum
No Defences Permitted for the Accused


  1. <span style="">But, but, but... They could have been stolen! </span>

  2. That is awful! Ours had our names on them; the ballots were still attached to the letter they come with.

  3. Well, by my count that makes 2-3 with the "yes" vote leading by one vote.

    But it's early days I guess.

    (Been reading a lot of blogs tonight, extending my blog list)

  4. Well...??? You haven't told us which way you voted.

    Anyway - Glenn's talk tonight was fantastic. Looking forward to getting you both down to talk at some stage soon!

  5. Yeah well we thought it was important we remained neutral on the subject being influential bloggers and all.

  6. I'm not surprised to hear that Glenn was good - he is very smart and a very good speaker and he knows the issues you have him speaking on backwards.

    I hope he remembered your book.

  7. I just got my papers. I am having difficulty working out the question.  Do you think I should ask John Key?

  8. Just posted ours yesterday!


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