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Saturday, 18 July 2009

MandM featured on Vote No UPDATE 2

The Vote No blog will be linking to some of our posts as the referendum on the illegality of smacking draws nearer.

The first one, published today, was my piece attacking the argument that those accused of child abuse should not be permitted to attempt raising a defence. It is already drawing comments - feel free to jump in - it is published on Vote No as, "Classic Anti-Smacking Argument Exposed."

Others slated for publication on Vote No are Matt's fisks of the Rev Dr Margaret Mayman's flawed moral theology around the smacking debate (published on Vote No as, Rev. Mayman’s “Anti-Smacking” Argument Flawed); and former Children's Commissioner Dr Ian Hassall's arbitrary ethical reasoning on common anti-smacking arguments published on Vote No as, "Anti-Smacking Arguments Shown to be Flawed."

(I'll update this post with direct links to Vote No as each article goes live.)


  1. Ok, I added my two cents worth.

  2. Your response was excellent - I loved the observations on reasonable force.


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