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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Top 10 NZ Christian Blogs - May 09

The Top 10 New Zealand Christian Blogs for May 09 are as follows:
  1. [1.] NZ Conservative 14.5 (7 - 22 )
  2. [3.] MacDoctor Moments 19.5 (22 - 17)
  3. [2.] MandM 20 (5 - 35)
  4. [4.] Something Should Go Here, Maybe Later (HalfDone) 25.5 (20 - 31)
  5. [5.] Keeping Stock 32.5 (29 - 36)
  6. [6.] Say Hello to my Little Friend (Beretta Blog) 37 (33 - 41)
  7. [5.] Being Frank 38 (38 - 43)
  8. [8.] The Humanitarian Chronicle 45.5 (28 - 63)
  9. [9.] The Briefing Room 46.5 (44 - 49)
  10. [N.] Sustain:If:Able Kiwi 61 (74 - 48)
Rank. [previous top 10 rank] Blog MandM (Half Done - Tumeke)

To obtain our stats we run searches on Half Done's May 09 NZ stats and Tumeke's May 09 NZ stats for openly Christian blogs then we average those blogs scores to obtain their overall scores. If you think your blog should make our rankings make sure you are listed on both Tumeke and HalfDone's rankings as an identifiably Christian blog.


  1. Thanks for your hard work, Madeleine.

    PS  In your updated photograph, Matt looks like he is going to bite something. 

  2. I seriously laughed for an entire minute when you comment came through!

    All I can say is you've met him, he looks like that a lot! LOL

    In each variation of our MandM pic (this is version 3) it has always been the same pic of Matt just a different one of me so I don't know why you suddenly see that in him... maybe it is me bringing it out LOL!

  3. It looks like he is thinking. I guess he does that a lot.

  4. Thinking is what I was going for - definitely not biting! I hate photographing Matt as he will not smile because he thinks it makes him look bad in photos. The result is he usually turns out looking angry - frequently like the bad terminator in terminator II. Still I guess 'biting', 'thinking' is an improvement on 'I want to kill you.' 
    We really need some professional head shots... 
    Wintery Knight emailed this morning and said: "Some strange woman is on your web page!  With your husband! I protest! Protest! Who is that strange person?"  
    I give up LOL!

  5. It might be that you've gone for a more open-faced look on your photo. I think it is just the contrast that has turned Matt from "intense" to "fierce"!

    And I've seen Matt smile - I know he can do it...

  6. I did improve the contrast as with each variation the pic of Matt had deteriorated so I went back to the original and started from scratch.

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