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Friday, 27 July 2007


Benson-Pope is someone that the more closely you observe him the more his slimy, smarmy, bullying, bullet-dodging just pisses you off.

Until recently I used to live in Dunedin so I have had a few encounters with Mr Benson-Pope a.k.a. panty slut boy and have crossed swords with him politically and know other people who have too. I find him an unpleasant person and a liar.

The hit he has taken is well deserved. About time. But what annoys me is that he escaped just desserts over so many other issues. But oh well, at least this hit didn't bounce off.

The beehive website is not up with the play though cause they still have him on their site as a Minister.

Interestingly Ian Wishart has re-released his findings on Benson-Pope's involvement in the Dunedin Bondage and Discipline scene with the rather interesting addition:

"[Benson-Pope] went to the trouble of ringing a senior Otago Daily Times journalist at home that evening, expressly to ensure that the newspaper was not quoting him as denying the story. "

This was always a story I felt certain should have had a lot more air time by the media than it did.

It had the now familiar to us all ring of Benson-Pope's dodging the truth.

Add to that our own experience of Benson-Pope's lies. He told the media when he used the police to collect a $35 cleaning bill (the police were his first line of request for this bill - most people would use a 45c stamp first...) that it was not him who utilised police resources as his personal debt collection service but his secretary without his permission (sound familiar?). In fact when we used the official information act to get the files on this incident whose signature was on the request to the police to do the debt collecting? NOT his secretary's but his!

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