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Monday, 30 July 2007

Not Madeleine Setchell

I wish to clarify that I am not Madeleine Setchell.

My maiden name is Richards.

Apparently, after I commented on kiwiblog the other day under my usual posting name which is simply 'Madeleine' a lot of people jumped to the conclusion that I must be the Madeleine in the story. Whilst there have been instances of David Benson-Pope lying about his staff doing things he in fact did involving me, I am not the Madeleine in the current instance of his fabrication.

It should have occurred to me to post as 'Madeleine Flannagan' in this instance as the leap is a rather obvious one to make - apologies for the confusion - its just that as a 'Madeleine', I am not used to being confused with other people, I have met very few Madeleine's in my life so it simply did not occur to me.


  1. A lot of people of Farrars site specialise in coming to conlusions based on some very minimal information. Indeed many are able to prove some highly disturbing things based on what other people have NOT said.

    Finding people who actually take the trouble to find out what they're talking about in Davids comments is like hunting the dodo but with slightly less chance of success.

    I'm against apologising for other peoples lazy attitude.

  2. I just felt awful for the real Madeleine Setchell who appears, very wisely, to not be publicly commenting.

    I would hate for someone to think that my comments were hers and then use that erroneous assumption to give her grief.

    She has been through enough of late without being confused with me!



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