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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Things They Don't Teach you in Public Schools...

Tonight I watched an ad on TV which has a man congratulating New Zealanders for being the first to give women the vote. This ad reminded me of the following picture which I discovered in Alvin Schmidt’s book "How Christianity Changed the World."

The picture on this page shows women voting at the polls in New Jersey between 1790 and 1805.

Almost a hundred years before NZ granted women the vote.

Kind of reminds me of the woefully ignorant Victoria University ads that claimed that in the 14th century everyone thought the world was flat... must find that map of the world from the middle ages astronomy textbook and blog it, its a funny shape, it is round.

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  2. There were a number of places in the world where women were able to vote in local body elections or under specific circumstances. However New Zealand was the first country have universal suffurage.

    The women then said tanks by voting for prohibition during WWI and it was only the special votes from soldiers overseas that knocked it back.

    Another example of being first doesn't make it a good idea.

  3. Murray

    New Jersey constiution of 1776 granted all people worth 50 pounds the right to vote. As a result women voted in several state elections before the legislature removed the this right in 1806.

    True this was not Universal sufferage but it was a case where a state granted women the right to vote 100 years before NZ did.



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