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Friday, 13 July 2007

Why Do Feminists not seem to Care?

I found this excellent article on Iranpressnews. It asks the insightful question why does the fate of Muslim women suffering under oppressive regimes not appear to matter to western feminists? And offers an insightful critique of the banalities and trivialities of western feminism.


  1. Which feminists dont care?

    What a nothing statement. Would you care to qualify what you mean by "why do feminist seem not to care?"

    Incidentally the use of the word 'seem' suggests extreme subjectivity! Will check in soon for yur response.

  2. esmerelda

    I suggest you read the article I linked to. It will tell you what feminists I am talking about and also what they appear to not care about. It will also give the reasons for this conclusion



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