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Friday, 3 April 2009

Bloggers Drinks and Birthdays

We had a bit of a relaxed blogging day yesterday; I am now aged 36 so I'm officially old so I figured I needed a nanna nap so I didn't read any news or blogs though I did see Whale Oil on TV3 news - something about Labour MP's being impersonated on Twitter and then going off the deep end and wanting blood (is that about the gist of it? when I try to load Whale Oil's site I always get all these error messages about Adobe/Acrobat Reader so as much as I enjoy his blog I don't go there often, anyway nice to see the media actually crediting a blogger with a part in a news story.)

Actually, I had a quiet blogging day mostly because it was my birthday and my mum's birthday, I had an assignment due in and a lecture to go to and physio rehab and then we ended up at the Bloggers Bash which dwindled on into this morning as we intensely debated abortion, the existence of God, tables and beer coasters, and Not PC and LollyScramble and a few bloupies (blogger groupies) sang me happy birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday Annie Fox!

Anyway, if you are a blogger (or a bloupie) you must come along to the next Auckland Bloggers Bash; they are always on the first Thursday of every month at 6.30pm at Galbraiths on Mt Eden Rd.

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