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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Surrounded by Brainy Women

Madeleine is currently completing a law degree and is enrolled in some final year papers. Today she received the results in for her first 4 pieces of assessment for the year. She has sat four tests and has scored 100%, 90%, 100%, 100% respectively, which in a subject like law, is very impressive. She still has some outstanding grades to come in and some further assessment to complete but she is sitting pretty.

Having never before heard of anyone scoring 100% at University in a non-mathematical subject, my daughter Sheridan (who is undertaking a university bridging course having been homeschooled previously) just arrived home with the results of her punctuation test for her English paper, she too pulled off a 100% result.

Uni must be a lot easier these days than when I studied there :-)


  1. Uni must be a lot easier these days than when I studied there
    Either that, or we have seriouslsy upped out game editing your work.

    My tests were on legal research, research is something I have proved myself on before now.

    As for Sheridan, with my father the english teacher in the family, how could she not ace punctuation?

    Thanks for the post :-)

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  2. Excellent effort. I dont think I managed those numbers even if I added my scores together! I was also doing a B.Ed so I even got points for spelling my name corretly!!!

    If Sheridan needs any more punctuation practice/practise??? she could use my blog as my posts are full of errors. :)

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  3. Uni must be a lot easier these days than when I studied there :-) I hope you have a nice dog house.

  4. Oh, wow. This reminds me of the time I took a grammar class. Each test had bonus questions, and I always got everything right in that class so my grade going into the final was something like 107. The teacher made me take the final anyway, but there were no bonus questions on the final. That may be the only time in recorded history that a perfect score on a final exam brought someone's final grade DOWN.

  5. I feel for you Matt... But I also hope your family has a nice comfy doghouse. And congrats to the womenfolk in the Flannagan household!

    PS. Nice poppy. Where did you get the idea and the code?

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  6. At least you have some male company. I'm outnumbered 4 to 1 in my own house, all of them brainy and (of course) much better looking than I am.

  7. I don't quite have that problem sadly, I still have a major essay either re-writing the Bill of Rights Act and justifying my re-write or drafting and explaining why I do or do not want to insert a right to property and a right to healthcare into the same act; a research trail for that essay for my other course and an exam.

    Before I can get those done I need to finish a legislative history on the Official Information Act - it is pre 2000 so it will have to be done manually in the library - today's mission. It is due next week but Matt is back on section next week so I only have a babysitter today and over the weekend.

    There is also a case analysis on a breach of freedom of expression within the education system that I have completed but I am waiting to hear my grade on.

    So, these test grades help but I am not home and hosed yet!

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  8. Both Madeleine and Sherry are students of the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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