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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Half April HalfDone Stats: MandM 6th Most Read Blog in New Zealand

These rankings are not the official results for April, just an indication of the lay of the land and how the month is progressing for everyone.

The top 10 New Zealand blogs on public discourse are shown below, the other 250 or so that made the rankings are over here.

We have climbed 1 spot from last month and are now only 1 point away from number 5, watch out Not PC. We are still holding the number 1 Christian blog position.

Tomorrow marks 6 months since we switched to our own domain so we finally have the full 6 months worth of Technorati authority, meaning that from now on, when our Technorati score is compared to another blog’s, it is a fair comparison.

Blog Rankings
As always, thank you for your blogroll links, backlinks, comments and visits!


  1. Congrats.

    Perhaps the private blog is the next step for me and my blog????
    So far this month a pb of 110 for my blog so I am as excited as you guys. Watch out I am catching you!!!

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  2. If you switch to your own domain you will have to start from zero with your Technorati authority - it will take you 6 months to regain a level playing field with other blogs.

    Also you will have to hunt down all blogs/sites that link to your old address and persuade them to update your link some will fail to do so no matter how much you ask *the briefing room* *ahem*.

    I would not recommend changing URL's unless you have a good reason to do so. Our biggest reason was that our blogspot URL was stupid and ridiculously impossible for even us to remember so when people asked us for our blog's address we couldn't tell them it off the top of our heads.

    If you want to get your blog out there more start with the basics.

    You are already regularly posting on other blogs and linking to potentially like blogs - keep this up.

    Ask yourself next is your layout clean and accessible? Can it be improved? Look at font size, type and colour against the background, number of colours used on your site, overall busy-ness. Are any of these things off-putting to your visitors?

    Are there any databases you could submit your blog to?

    Look at going do follow and getting yourself into do follow directories, using something that entices comments like Comment Luv, making use of stumbled upon and twitter, use a recent comments widget, that kind of thing.

    Are there any other blogs out there that are a natural fit with yours that you could ask for a link from?

    Apart from that the tired old truism applies, quality content posted regularly.

    Keep up the good work!

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  3. So does half done update his stats twice a month? I see that I am back in the top 100 now despite my correction last month that disfavoured me. I note there are a lot of Christian blogs. I am somewhat surprised, but pleased.

    I commented to scrubone (tongue-in-cheek) that I thought the ranking should be divided by the number of bloggers who post on the same blog. I note that several (not all) popular blogs have 4-6 authors which means maintaining frequency of posting is easier as well as the fact that they are probably more likely to cross comment on each other's posts. So scrubone, consider another column with adjusted figures, even if they're not ranked.

    I see you have fixed the combox, I'll have to get the code when I'm forced to switch.

    A thought about comments, feel free to ignore if you disagree (or ask your readers to vote in a poll). I find it harder to follow comment threads when people can respond to any comment, especially when there are lots of comments. I am less inclined to go back up to read replies. Having the comments in purely chronological order makes it easier to find where you left off. Recent comment widget is kind of helpful, but you get too many comments to make a list of 10 helpful in following a thread. It is helpful in showing which threads are active however.

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  4. Yes, I do stats twice a month. I guess I could do it daily, but there wouldn't be much point.

    Congratulations to M and M - spot 5 is looking very do-able right now. I'm sure that your current comments level will help with the other one too :)

    BTW, hypothetically... if someone were to be training hamsters to count comments that person would (cough cough) look on each post for a "total comments" line such as almost all blogs have... (cough cough cough cough cough)

    Recent blog post: To Help or Not To Help

  5. You and a few other of the better Christian blogs have all risen nicely which is great to see! Scrubbone does report twice a month but as Tumeke doesn't it is just too hard for me to deal with the Christian rankings if I start producing them twice a month so I treat the half-month result as more of a progress report.

    I sent you an email about the combox - a lovely woman from the US, Stephanie, stopped by and gave me the code. A new thing has arisen though, when the comments run into two pages there is this hideous ripped looking grey thing at the edge of the last post on the first page and the first post on the second page - I need to find the code for that.

    The plan is to write the code up that you, Stephanie and I have pieced together and post it to save others the pain and agony (with appropriate hat tips of course).

    I hear you on the replies thing. Especially with the volume of comments we are getting, we had 50-60 a day over this weekend just gone, the recent comments widget is not going to help people keep track of replies and it malfunctioned under the strain anyway and something went wrong with Blogger as we were not even getting emailed new comments so we too struggled to keep on top of all the new ones. The only problem is that how to switch off the ability to reply to individual comments is not obvious...

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  6. Thanks :-) It is not just our comments that are up, our Alexa, NZ rank and traffic is too and our US traffic ranking is so high, nearly 15% I think yesterday, that we'll have Barnsley Bill all over us shortly.

    Not sure I follow through all the coughing (need a lozenge?) we have a total comments at the foot of each post.

    Do you mean something else? I have never seen a switch within blogger to turn such a thing on and I have never noticed anything that totals comments overall on any other blog.

    Recent blog post: Maverick Philosopher on the Historical Atrocities Argument


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