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Monday, 27 April 2009

PJ O'Rourke on Perfect Form: A Review of Guidelines for Bias-Free Writing

Given that PJ O'Rourke will be speaking in Auckland this week (see details, Invisible Hand versus Visible Fist) I thought I would share this gem with you; it is a rant by PJ O'Rourke on politically correct language, Perfect Form: A Review of Guidelines for Bias-Free Writing.

It is so funny that it is hard to read in one go, as you can't help but laugh so hard you can no longer read and it causes you to immediately want to read bits of it aloud to whoever you happen to be near so if you are at work and yours is not that kind of workplace, I'd wait 'til you get home to read it.

Hat Tip: Lydia McGrew at What's Wrong with the World (Lydia also links to another send-up of PC madness by John C. Wright in the same post.)


  1. wow, what an entertaining insight!!!

    "Why doesn’t the task force just combine “she” and “it” and pronounce the thing accordingly."

    Recent blog post: Is Al Gore Converting Back to Pro-Life?

  2. Who needs satire when the left wing intelligensia do it for real? It's vogue to apologise for past wrongs, so surely this entire committee is ready to prostrate themselves before any person; man, women or peer, and beg forgiveness for crimes against mankind.

    Idiots who are a disgrace to the goals of clarity of thought and expression.

    I'd like to communicate something far ruder, but I feel this is sufficient for them to write off my criticism as some ill-considered rant, thus proving my point. They read with bias, regardless of the language used in my own post.

    They need to fix their own brains, rather than expect us to lobotomize ours.

  3. That is brilliant! One of the funniest things I've read for ages. Thanks so much for sharing that :)


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