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Friday, 3 April 2009

Thinking Matters Video: Dr Steve Kumar on Faith and Reason

As you know, Matt and I are now running the Auckland branch of Thinking Matters (TMA), a national apologetics network of professional and lay apologists dedicated to offering reasons to believe and answering objections to the Christian faith. TMA holds fortnightly seminars in Auckland showcasing New Zealand’s best Apologetic talents and screening DVD’s of the world’s top Apologists defending the Christian Faith.

On March 17 we had Dr Steve Kumar speak on Faith and Reason; for those of you who missed it or who just want to see it again, the talk is now online and you can watch it here.

1 comment:

  1. He talks of evidence of the Christian faith... And by evidence he is referring to a book (the bible) that is a copy of a copy of a copy... this, by any valid measure, is ridicules.

    The smartest thing hes says is .."you did not check the evidence before you made the commitment"... If only more people would actually take this seriously and not laugh it off as the audience did.

    Religion is a form of child abuse in the sense that children are not even given the chance to think and decide for themselves what they wish to believe. Instead they are born into a faith and beliefs are forced upon them. ie. Being confirmed at the age of 12, genital mutilation, the constant fear of hell etc.

    People like Dr Kumar are trying to provide false evidence to religions that dangerous and bring no good to the world.


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