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Monday, 1 June 2009

Christian Blog Ranking Report for May 09 – HalfDone

Here are the top 10 NZ Christian blogs based on HalfDone's NZ blog stats for May; these stats make up part of the calculations for the MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blog rankings for May 09:

Top 10. name of blog HalfDone Rank

Of Note:

As to the rise of the NZ Christian blogs within the secular NZ blogosphere, Scrubone notes:

I have noticed that Christian blogs have risen up these rankings over the last few months. I don’t know why. The data here gathered as objectively as possible and is posted promptly, and can be verified by anyone who wishes to (and corrected by myself). I suspect that the MandM Christian rankings have played a part in encouraging christian blogs to link to each other, and encouraged christians who read one of these blogs to read others, and this has helped push up scores.
Note: This list only includes Christian blogs that are openly identified as Christian blogs on HalfDone's ranking list.

When Tumeke's May stats are out we will compare them with HalfDone's and publish the overall MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blog rankings for May 09 later in the month.


  1. Hey for some reason on Alexa I dont have a NZ ranking that comes up all the time. Sometimes it is there sometimes it is not.
    Any ideas on how to get this as I am trying everything to break into the top hundy!!!! Currently i get the default 45000.



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  2. Install the Alexa toolbar and set your site as your homepage.

    Recent blog post: Christian Blog Ranking Report for May 09 – HalfDone

  3. Done that. Still no go. does it take a while???
    Am using firefox does that matter.
    Perhaps it is not meant to be....

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  4. Your Page Rank is good, then why do you have Alexa rank of 248K ? It should be under 100K for PR5 site.

  5. I dunno, we publish tech-tips occasionally and we have a high US readership
    (for an NZ blog) which apparently attracts users of the Alexa toolbar so for
    us it rocketed up pretty fast.
    Someone else I know said it took a few weeks to begin registering on Alexa -
    I have heard it helps if you install an Alexa counter on your page.
    You can google some articles on it but I would start with checking it is
    still installed? - it drove me nuts automatically uninstalling daily - I
    can't be bothered with it anymore.

  6. I don't know. I have heard that Alexa is not that accurate when dealing with sites outside the top 100k.

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