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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Coming Soon

The Sunday study for this week should be online tomorrow. I have written the draft and am just waiting on my editor and proof reader the beautiful and talented Madeleine Flannagan to go over it. Madeleine has an exam tomorrow and so has been extremely busy.

I also plan to start blogging more regularly again once Madeleine’s exams are out of the way. I have multiple assignments to complete for my teaching diploma and have been employed by Laidlaw College for three weeks to teach a block course on the history of philosophy which has kept me very busy.

Hope to return to normal soon, I have several posts already planned.

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  1. Exam period officially survived. Rights and Freedoms this morning was fun - I really enjoyed it (if that is possible for an exam). The university set me up with my own room, a comfy mattress thingy and cushions so for once I wasn't dying of pain or out of it on Tramadol.

    I am sore now though so taking a brief rest then will edit the Sunday Study.


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