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Monday, 22 June 2009

Sunday, Monday ...

The observant will have noticed that Sunday has been and gone and the Sunday Study is, once again, not online. It's location is currently in Tauranga, either in Matt's head or partially written on his laptop or (my preferred speculation) in email transit to me for editing.

In Matt's defence he has just finished teaching a three week intensive History of Philosophy course for Laidlaw College which saw him up til sometimes 3am every night writing the next day's lectures. Amidst those three weeks he had to prepare and give a seminar on Moral Relativism for Thinking Matters, research, write and preach a sermon for church, prepare for and sit his end of semester exams for his Teaching Diploma, celebrate Brittany's birthday and help me put together a party full of 9 year old girls. The minute he finished the lecturing stint he then had 3 essays to write due this afternoon and last night he had to prepare and give a bible study and drive to Tauranga for his last class of the semester which he is in now.

He is due home tonight and I expect him to be shattered when he arrives. Outstanding is the Sunday Study and two seriously overdue pieces refuting key arguments put forward by anti-smacking proponents that he promised to write ages ago but now he is finally clear of the chaos I am sure these will spring forth forthwith and the Sunday Study will be up later today.


  1. With blogging, I always find that it's a really bad idea to promise to do anything. Far better to post when the inspiration strikes, and not worry about the rest.

    Recent blog post: John Key still pushing the confusion line

  2. excuses excuses..

    although.. I think I know now what happened to his hair :P

  3. Yes but then we would never post anything LOL! At least setting ourselves public deadlines makes us produce something!

    Recent blog post: Not Voting is a Vote for Keeping Smacking Criminalised

  4. On the excuse front, Matt tried to sell me this one in response to my email querying the status of the Sunday Study, "I got into Tauranga at 12:30am last night so I decided to go straight to bed. Then I woke up late and got to BTI late." Pathetic. Next he'll be expecting 8 hours sleep every night and 3 square meals a day!

    Hopefully we'll get it online tonight; that is if he ever stops leaving comments on the anti-smacking posts and gets in the car... *hint* *hint*

    Recent blog post: Not Voting is a Vote for Keeping Smacking Criminalised

  5. Ah, well, I go off the principle of under-promising and over-delivering. Something I learned when I was working. That way people are happy with what they are given, because it's more than they expect.

    Recent blog post: Polish Satire on Gay Marriage


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