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Monday, 9 February 2009

Credits and Media Tactics

I just had a quick look at KiwiBlog and noted David's piece on the media not properly crediting stories broken by bloggers. This has happened to us on occaision, the Labour Moron sign springs to mind (which, since he put his head above the parapet, David himself failed to hat tip us properly on - it was our image that was published everywhere) and Matt's piece that referred to Victoria University's marketing strategy also made the news and was only properly credited back to us by one outlet.

Anyway, I thought of another recent occurance; we were recently asked to break a story by a fairly major news outlet in the US (it checked out, it was not a hoax). For some reason they wanted to be able to refer to a blog reporting it and they chose us. It was on a topic that we know very little about and would have required a lot of research to get right so we passed as we were too flat out - interesting, none the less, that a media outlet would take that strategy.


  1. Yeah its happened to me too, several times. For instance I broke the infamous riding crop case and also broke the little story when Bob McCoskries front lawn got knived...But, there you go.

  2. I was thinking of you when I wrote that actually as I remembered it was you who broke it and I remember your name not coming up as a source.


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