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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Top 10 NZ Christian Blogs - January 09

The official MandM Top 10 NZ Christian Blogs for January 09 (public discourse) are ranked by identifying Christian blogs then comparing Half Done's January 09 stats with Tumeke's January 09 stats and averaging them to obtain their overall January 09 ranking.
Rank. [previous top 10 rank] Blog Average (Half Done Tumeke)
    1. [1.] NZ Conservative 17 (7 27 )
    2. [2.] Something Should Go Here, Maybe Later 18.5 (14 23)
    3. [N] Keeping Stock 29 (23 35)
    4. [3.] The Briefing Room 29.5 (27 32)
    5. [4.] MandM 39.5 (25 54)
    6. [N] The Humanitarian Chronicle 58 ( - 58)
    7. [8.] Samuel Dennis 69 (51 129)
    8. [9.] Contra Celsum 73.5 (72 75)
    9. [5.] Kiwi Polemicist 76.5 (89 64)
    10. [7.] Put up Thy Sword 82 (52 112)

Other Christian blogs featuring in the top 200 NZ blogs on public discourse for January 09:

[6.] Say Hello to my Little Friend 82.5 (98 67)
[10.] Star Studded Super Step 93 ( - 93)
Blessed Economist 104.5 (127 82)
Gavin Knight 112 (104 120)
Section 59 Blog 157.5 (142 173)
Definitive 173 (175 171)
NZ Debate 174.5 (157 192)
Backchat Cafe 187 ( - 187)
The Voice of Reason NZ 200 ( - 200)

Note: This list does not include Christians who blog but whose blogs are not identifiably Christian and is based on Tumeke's classification methods.

If you think your blog should be on the rankings click here.


  1. Well done you! Not surprised at all.

    Of course MandM would be a good 3-4 points higher on our Technorati score if you would go through all your blogs and update you links to our new url....


  2. grrrr, well is still down... they are still serving the blog-rolls, but they're busy updating their hardware/software; have been for ages, and until they've finished, I can't make any changes!

  3. Of course MandM would be a good 3-4 points higher on our Technorati score if you would go through all your blogs and update you links to our new url

    Done that. Just be happy they acknowledge you! I can't even claim my blog on technorati having been flagged for some reason and not responding to several requests. My authority is at 0 and my title is outdated.

  4. How does one get AlexaNZ figures? Is it via Alexa, or is there an NZ site.

    I can see NZ within Alexa but this just lists the top 100.

  5. The NZ stat is on the same page as your site's Alexa breakdown. It is towards the bottom under the heading traffic rank in other countries and it refers to the NZ score under that heading. Some blogs have no NZ score, some (like us) have only a NZ score, others have NZ and other countries listed there.

    It is based on the amount of international traffic coming into your site. If your international traffic is below a certain level it won't register on Alexa and you just won't have an NZ score. You need to be drawing regular international traffic from what I can tell to get one and then once you have one you have to keep drawing it amd attracting more to improve it.

    I cannot believe you are still having that technorati issue - email them every week - bug them like mad - til they sort it. Blog about the problem with links back to them like "terrible customer service" with a direct link to technorati - I betcha they'll notice that! Use lots of bad tag words.

    They are shocking about replying to things - I have tried with issues we had and got no response.

  6. Andy you will get there, your blog is cool, so just blog regularly and I bet we'll see you on the top 10.

  7. Hey Bethyada you have Technorati authority! What happened?

  8. I don't know. I clicked across to technorati from my widget from time to time. It appeared a few days ago.

    They subsequently unflagged my blog too.

    They have an interesting system where admin will come and fix problems on the forum. But they will attend to recent requests and ignore people waiting longer. I updated my request when I saw admin had been working, in the hope I would have my request near the top of the queue when they were working.

    It would seem simpler for them to have a list of people that think their blog has been flagged inappropriately and they can add their name. That or not have their bots flag blogs so easily.


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