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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Technical Problems

We have a fault on our phone line currently meaning our internet access is down, ditto our landline.

Due to being Telstra Clear customers, we cannot get this looked at until at least Monday. I am starting to seriously re-think switching back to Telecom who can get things done on weekends and who do not make you battle a computerised phone help system that misunderstands you, then refuse to allow your husband to make a faults complaint because you were the one who originally got the account set up (despite every bill being addressed to Dr and Mrs Flannagan) and then who repeatedly tells you that there is no fault, you just have left the phone off the hook (they can tell by testing the line) and you are imagining having checked every phone in your house and are mistaken when you assert this is not the case, that there must be a fault... Yes Telecom is looking very attractive right now.

Hopefully we will be back online early next week. In the mean time, our presence will be intermittent as we borrow friends computers or frequent internet cafes to maintain our sanity.


  1. Hi Madeleine, your description of how TelstraClear has handled your fault would be indistinguishable to me from how Telecom have handled similar faults for me, if not for the fact that you named them. Might I suggest switching to XNet instead and taking your phone line entirely out of Telecom's hands (at least from your perspective)? You could try Orcon as well, but I've found them painfully expensive lately.


  2. I have found Clear helpful previously. We're with them but on Telecom lines.

    I think whoever people are with there still needs to be competition. It is competing for provision of provider that has improved telecommunication service. Even if Clear were no better than Telecom (ie equivalent) I would still support them to keep more than one service provider present.

    When Saturn were in Wellington and rental was cheaper, Telecom's rental was matched to Saturn in Saturn's area but dearer elsewhere.

  3. I agree with Bnonn's XNet suggestion (see Get what they call 'Naked DSL' and you get full speed broadband and a phone line (over the DSL - so its a VOIP line, or 'Voice over IP', or 'Voice over the internet' - but you wouldn't know it - you get a box that you then plug your normal phone into - easy). Its about $69 with all national and international tolls just 5c per min. I use it - works well.

  4. We are back online - yay! We have had our email addresses with Clear for years and as it is a real pain to change addresses and because we wanted to reduce the number of bills we had to remember to pay on time each month we decided to put our phone with them too.

    Aside from their inability to get things done at the same speed as Telecom and their awful computerised telephone help system they are pretty good.

    I have been tempted by other deals, especially XNet but it just seems like one more thing to do.... that said, if they are cheaper we should look at them I suppose.


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