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Friday, 27 February 2009

How to Put Twitter Feeds Into Blogger

We have just discovered Twitter. Twitter is the new thing that everyone online seems to be getting into. Its heaps of fun, free to sign up and you can communicate with a lot of people with very little effort which is always attractive with our busy lives. You can get your Twitter updates through your mobile phone and, as I discovered tonight (see the sidebar), you can install a live feed in your Blogger platform very easily.

Whenever I want to customize my blogs I always start with Amanda Fazani's Blogger Buster as her instructions are very clear and simple and you don't need a lot of tech knowledge to follow them. Amanda has written a Twitter Widget that self installs your Twitter updates into your blog - its really easy and customizable!
Create a Twitter account
Open this page on Blogger Buster
Scroll about halfway down the page to the heading "Add a Twitter Widget using this Widget Installer"
Enter your Twitter user name into the "Create Your Stylized Twitter Widget" box.
Click "Customize"
Click "Add to Blog"
Once it has been added to your blog you can drag it where you want it from within the Layout Page Elements area. Remember to save.

If you want to add a link such as "Follow Me on Twitter" you can just open it by clicking on edit, and then just copy and paste the following at the bottom of the text code:

[a href=" target="0">Follow Me on TwitterReplace]
USERNAME with your Twitter user name.
Change the [] brackets on each end to < > (respectively).
Then save.
If you want to remove the picture that comes with the widget then open the widget as above and delete the following from the code:
style="background: url(
top left no-repeat;
Then click save. Happy Twittering and don't forget to sign up and follow MandM!

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  1. I'm following you -- same name on Twitter as I use here, only no spaces -- but am really torn on Twitter. Some people update with too much minutia. I'm guilty of it from time to time, too, so I try not to "tweet" too often.

  2. We are still in the new toy phase with Twitter so we should probably tone the Tweeting down somewhat LOL!

  3. hey I have had twitter for a while on my site. Might start to use it more.
    I have had trouble trying to hook up my mobile to twitter. Does that feature work in NZ???

  4. Does Twitter to mobile work in NZ??? I'm also wondering about this. I'm guessing it doesn't anymore. You can probably send txt updates from your mobile but you seemingly will NEVER receive txt messages from those you follow. Twitter has removed this feature as it was costing them too much and is only still available in the US, Canada, India & certain users in the UK. I guess you'll have to use the net to check for incoming messages or pay for some alternative service for your moblie. Read the following articles:


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