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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Invitation to an MandM Event

You are invited to the next MandM speaking engagement:

Apologetics: Answering Objections to the Christian Faith

Dr Matthew Flannagan BSocSci, MSocSci (Hons), PhD

When: Sunday 8 March
Time: 6.30 pm
Massey Presbyterian Church - 510 Don Bucks Rd, Massey, West Auckland
Cost: Free
Event Format: Presentation followed by Q&A

In this presentation, Dr Flannagan will speak on the nature of Apologetics and will examine some common objections to the faith such as: Why does God allow evil? Isn’t it arrogant to believe your religion is the only true one? Isn’t faith in God irrational?

Dr Flannagan is an adjunct lecturer in Philosophy for Laidlaw College, he works with Thinking Matters and writes for the MandM blog.

Who is Welcome?
It’s open to Christian and non-Christian alike; anyone interested in apologetics, theology and Christian philosophy. It is lay-person friendly, you won't need a philosophy or a theology degree to be able to follow the talk.

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  1. I give up. I cannot make that WMV file sit to the centre no matter what I do.

    Not sure I am that fussed on the big logo in the middle of it either (maybe I shouldn't be so cheap and use freeware to convert PP to WMV).

  2. Madeleine, you might want to try using SlideShare to put a PowerPoint into your blog. Just upload your ppt (max 100 mb) to their site and there's a button for adding it to Blogger.

    The price is a nice round number: 0.

    From their website:
    We currently support PowerPoint (ppt, pps, pot) OpenOffice (odp) and Keynote. We also support the PDF format, so if you have PDF presentations, you can upload those as well.

    SlideShare also supports document formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel sheets, OpenOffice files and text files.

    The maximum allowed file size is 100 MB.
    Please note, we don't yet support the new Microsoft Office 2007 file format (.pptx) so these presentations need to be saved as lower versions PowerPoint files or as PDF.

    Shameless advertising follows:

    This tip is a freebie from KP's Computer Counsel

  3. I think I tried that site originally but you had to manually click through the slides and it wouldn't play the music.

    I will try again but otherwise I will give up and delete it because it looks lousy in that format.

  4. What they call a slidecast adds music.

    I've seen it on WordPress with auto play.

  5. I see that but when I upload the sound file it does not come up the same way as it shows in the tutorial and I cannot play it.

  6. I can only suggest using their forum which has staff working on problems

  7. Guys, the WMV problem is probably related to CSS.

    Can this lecture be recorded? Do you have a video camera or just a nice digital camera with a BIG memory card?

  8. It was just a powerpoint that I had set the timings up to go along with an audio clip that promoted Matt's speaking event. The timings in it were very cool - almost comical. We played the clip in church today and it received applause so I thought I would be clever and convert it to a movie and embed it in the blog but the quality was lousy, the freeware I used put a big logo in the middle of it and no matter what I did it aligned hard left (always a bad sign) so it sat badly to boot.

    I tried slide share but ran into tech problems there so I decided to delete it as it had already sucked up too much time and it wasn't worth it.

  9. We do intend to film the talk and put it online so that is where my energy should be!

  10. They would be most welcome to.

    Planning on flying up?

  11. It will be a while as we are having tape troubles. We had a friend tape it for us on DV tape but the part of his camera where he attaches the lead that enables him to convert the tape to digital form is broken.

    So we have it in DV form and are struggling to find someone who can take it from that form and digitalise it. The minute we digitilise it we have someone who can format it and get it online but we are stuck on that middle step.


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