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Monday, 9 February 2009

Quiet on the MandM Front

A regular reader complained over the weekend that MandM has been too quiet of late - not enough posts.

I had explained some of the reason for this in a comment, but I will do so here so it is not missed. Matt is away in Tauranga doing his teaching diploma for the next two weeks with no internet access (thought hopefully this will change as his student account gets set up). My eldest child, Sherry broke her right arm the day before Matt left (Troggy was the culprit); she is not left handed so she is unable to help much. My next oldest has Aspergers Syndrome so not much can be asked of him and the younger two are 8 and 7 - they generally make more mess than they help. So, I am taking care of 4 children and running the house and home educating 3 of them, whilst injured, pretty much single-handedly this week (and last week).

This is somewhat exhausting so finding time to think, energy and pain-free moments to blog is somewhat challenging especially as due to being sore and exhausted I am not keeping up with current events or entering the blogosphere.

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