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Monday, 3 August 2009

Christian Blog Ranking Report for July 09 – HalfDone

Here are the top 10 NZ Christian blogs based on HalfDone's NZ blog stats for July; these stats make up part of the calculations for the MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blog rankings for July 09:

Top 10. name of blog HalfDone Rank

Of Note:

  • Not much change, the usual suspects made the top 10 - just a little position shuffling.
  • The following Christian blogs all made the top 100 but were outside the top 10 Brad Heap 59, Christian News 66, Contra Celsum 68, Kiwi Polemicist 72, Samuel Dennis 89, Semper Vita 98.
  • An additional 19 Christian blogs made the top 300.
  • Another 8 were unfortunately not able to be calculated due to their not resolving in Alexa and Technorati.
Note: This list only includes Christian blogs that are openly identified as Christian blogs on HalfDone's ranking list.

When Tumeke's July stats are out we will compare them with HalfDone's and publish the overall MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blog rankings for July 09.


  1. would also have made it into the "top 300" had I checked my email sooner.

  2. I still think there are ongoing issues with technorati. Though I would stay away from google's page rank. Ranking based on "important" sites linking to you? And which are important?

  3. Technorati is best for seeing top blogs.

  4. Hi,
    Hope you can see the funny side (I certainly can). Open Parachute  is described as an up and comming Chrsitian blog by Not PC (Open Parachute Visit Site).

    So when do I get my "Member of the top 10 Chrsitian Blog sites" badge? According to Tumeke's ranking I should qualify.


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