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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday Study

There will be no Sunday Study this week as the past week has been taken up with preparing for the memorial service on Waiheke Island, the Faith and Science conference I spoke at yesterday and two other deadlines for written work due Friday; and on top of all that, our family car blew its head gasket yesterday morning, on the motorway no less, causing us to miss the first ferry to the memorial service. I ended up not going, getting the car towed instead and going to the conference early and Madeleine ended up sending the kids back on the passenger ferry by themselves while she took her Grandfather's car off the island by car-ferry, which saw her lost in Half Moon bay last night without a map - major dramas - all ended well but it was a long week followed by a very long day yesterday and we need a break.

We won't be away too long as Chuck Bird has alerted us to a terribly dishonest piece in the Herald about the anti-smacking law that must not go unanswered and I intend to tidy up my conference paper notes and put them up as a series entitled "Does Evolution Make Belief in God Untenable?"

In the mean time, if any of you have any particular bible passages you'd be interested in my dedicating a Sunday Study to in the future please leave them below.

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