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Monday, 24 August 2009

Christian Blog Ranking Report for July 09 – Tumeke

Here are the top 10 NZ Christian blogs based on Tumeke's NZ blog stats for July; these stats are used in the calculations for the MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blog rankings for July 09:

Top 10 Tumeke. name of blog Tumeke rank

Of Note:

Note: This list only includes Christian blogs that openly identify as Christian blogs on Tumeke's ranking descriptions. If you think your blog should be included contact Tim Selwyn of Tumeke and ask him to change your blog description to include something identifiably Christian on his rankings.

Now that Tumeke's July stats are out we will compare them with the HalfDone July report and publish the overall MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blog rankings for July 09 shortly.


  1. Looking Good!

    Great to see Being Frank in there too.

  2. Being Frank are seriously doing well - no surprise though as their content is generally good. I am friends with Filia Day so I am extra pleased to see it.

    I still cannot get over the rise of the Christian blogs though - they are all doing so well.


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