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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Contra Mundum: A New Column in Investigate Magazine

MandM have officially joined the ranks of New Zealand blogs with print columns; Kiwiblog's David Farrar writes for the NBR, Cactus Kate writes for The Dominion Post and now MandM write for Investigate Magazine - you can now get your MandM fix both online and at your magazine stand!

Pick up this month's edition of Investigate Magazine, available now, turn to page 28 and you will find it features a new column, Contra Mundum, authored by Matt.

Contra Mundum is Latin for 'against the world;' the phrase is usually attributed to Athanasius who was exiled for defending Christian orthodoxy. September 09's Contra Mundum is entitled "What's wrong with imposing your beliefs onto others?" In it Matt cites feminist bio-ethicist, Leslie Cannold, frequent MandM commenter and blogger, atheist scientist Ken Perrott of Open Parachute and argues the case that it is not always wrong to impose religious beliefs onto others.

Get your copy today or just subscribe so you don't miss any columns (I should get commission for sales LOL!).


  1. cactus *did* write for the dompost, but no longer

    well done on getting this published writing gig

  2. Well done.

    So that will be a column per month? Word limit? Do we get a copy here, or are there copyright issues with Investigate? Presumably it will cover material that you have vaguely covered here?

  3. congrats! sounds like a good read.

  4. Thanks guys. Contra Mundum will be an every month thing, word limit is either 700 or 1400 words (1-2 print pages). It will be mostly Matt writing it but it has been said that I can write the odd one too, though at this point I am researching for Uni.

    We asked the editor a couple of weeks ago if we can publish a copy here after it comes out in print, as Cactus Kate and David Farrar did/do with their columns but no reply... The rules of copyright as I understand them mean we can do just that without his permission but we'd like to have it as a courtesy before going ahead.

    We also should thank you Andy for your editing support with this issue's piece. I had a pain drug phased concentration problem around the deadline and couldn't hold the sentences in my head to edit them and Andy came to the rescue.

  5. I'm a subscriber to Investigate, and was pleased to see Matt's article.

    I thought it was a good piece, and a good topic to kick off the column.  Best of luck with that, and congratulations.

  6. Thanks everyone. Now I have to come up with something for the next issue.

  7. We're allowed to publish the column here on MandM. Check MandM tomorrow morning for "What's wrong with imposing your beliefs onto others?" the Sept 09 Contra Mundum column.


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