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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wet Paint: Forced to Echo UPDATE

This morning comments just would not even load in either Firefox or Explorer so I was forced to switch over to JS Kit's Echo.

Now now comments look awful but at least you can read them.

I will do my best to modify the code today to make them look a bit tidier - I am supposed to be researching not mucking around re-writing code.

If JS Kit had kept their promise to get my comments that are stuck queued in their system fixed within the one week time frame they assured me of 3 weeks ago I could have simply imported all comments to Wordpress and all these problems would not be happening.

As you can see the comments are a little tidier. I cannot work out the classes for the borders so they are not as tidy as I would like. I also cannot get CommentLuv to work or increase the size of the combox. But these are small details as JS Kit have finally sorted out all our queued comments, with these now back in Bloggers comments feed we are now clear to move to Wordpress so I won't bother fixing the issues here, we'll just move.

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