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Friday, 14 August 2009

This is Christianity

I saw this quote while Madeleine was Stumbling and thought it was excellent and worthy of sharing:
"From the majestic pontifical High Mass in St. Peter's to the quiet simplicity of a Quaker meeting... from the intellectual sophistication of Saint Thomas Aquinas to the moving simplicity of spirituals such as "Lord, I want to be a Christian"... from St. Paul's in London to Mother Teresa in the slums of Calcutta... all this is Christianity."

--Huston Smith, The World's Religions


  1. I grew up in one of the poorest areas in the United States.  I decided to follow Jesus when I was 14 because, in large part, I saw how the Gospel of Jesus Christ transformed the most backwards, wretched people.  After going off to two different Ivy League schools, I'm still following Jesus today because the Gospel also transforms the most advanced, prosperous people.  It's a long distance from my West Viginia outhouse to the ivory towers of Ivy League Harvard, but Jesus is lord of every inch of the way.

  2. That pretty much sums it all up doesnt it...

  3. Nice quote, but I'd say not quite there. 

    I'd weave in something about our daily lives and how we try to maintain our openess to the real presence; about breaking bread together at a meal; about a call to charity and a call to save other souls; about the prayers we make for our family, our friends, and even our enemies.

  4. I much prefer the assessment of churchianity provided by these two references.
    Churchianity as a would be world conquering political "religion", that has always been an integral part of the Western drive for total power and control over everyone and every thing.

    The process of imperial conquest thus depicted continues as strong as ever.

  5. John, I went to to follow your references.  Adi Da called Jesus a fifth stage realizer.  I'm having trouble seeing how your strong statements about "Churchianity" fit with Adi Da's teaching about Jesus.


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