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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Video of Matthew Flannagan Speaking on Moral Relativism

Matt spoke at Thinking Matters Auckland on 28 May 2009 on Moral Relativism.

A popular view of ethics holds that actions are right or wrong only if a person or a community believes that they are right or wrong, and that it is inappropriate to apply your own standards to others. This position is known as moral relativism. In this talk Matt looks at the common arguments for relativism, argues that relativism is a mistaken view of ethics and shows how relativism fails.

Video of Matthew Flannagan on Apologetics: Answering Objections to the Christian Faith


  1. Is this available as a mp3?

  2. I have asked our tech guy. I only recall him videoing the talk though he is a professional so who knows - maybe.

    Matt and I blog with rather crusty equipment, a slow connection and I am not even sure if Blogger allows one to upload MP3's anyway so I am not sure I could put it here.

  3. Yes we can make it into an MP3 (tech guy just emailed me). But we are going to have to think about cost and logistics so we'll discuss it at the next Thinking Matters Auckland meeting.


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