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Friday, 1 December 2006

Consenting Adults and Privacy

We have all heard the slogan "what consenting adults do in privacy is their own business." Recently Investigate alledged that one of our MP's was getting up to dubious sexual practices where he engaged in child sex fantasies to get off. More sinisterly this is the same MP and Cabinet Minister, David Benson Pope a.k.a. Panty Slut Boy whom the police found a prima facie case against for engaging in bdsm type practices against his students when he was a teacher.

Predictably the lefty liberals have trotted out the slogan "what consenting adults do in privacy is their own business." Apparently anything a person, including a govt MP and Cabinet Minister responsible for CYFS, does sexually is ok providing all parties consent and it is done in private. (Of course they conveniently ignore the fact that the bdsm-type offences against the students were not consensual but since they were done against bullies its all apparently ok)

in 2004 a real case reached the courts in Germany. A German computer technician, Armin Miewes, advertised on the internet, "If you are between 18 and 25 years old you are my boy. Come to me and I will eat your horny flesh." His intent was to find someone who would volunteer to be killed and then eaten. Such a volunteer was forthcoming, Juergen Brandes.

In court, Miewes testified that he and Brandes had enjoyed a final meal together. Brandes agreed to be castrated and the two sautéed his penis and testicles. After the meal Brandes willingly allowed himself to be hanged from a butcher’s hook and be slaughtered ‘like a calf’. After Brandes had died Miewes consumed his flesh. The German court found Miewes guilty of manslaughter and later this was upgraded to murder after an appeal. In this case, both parties had consented. The court had considered the evidence and documentation both parties had made prior to the event and found that consent had been legitimately obtained.

Now I ask you, if the Minister of CYFS had done what Miewes did would that call into question his fitness to be in office? If you answer yes then clearly you do not actually believe that what consenting adults do in privacy with others who have consented is actually the be all and end all in sexual morality. Nor do you believe that what people do in private is irrelevent to the public.

If you answer no then you are depraved.


  1. Ok, have to say i got a bit confused here guys! My answer is yes..............and no............depending on the specific situation. I do not believe that you can make an across the board statement, without judging each on it's individual merits/demerits. After all, have not we had the discussion between us where you think that it is ok to break the law in some situations, but not others? What is the difference here? Just asking out of curiosity, not attacking, miss you.

  2. This is insane and perverse.
    I'm glad they've charged that monster with murder.

    His act is very disgusting.
    Eating another human being that is animalistic behavior not human behavior.


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