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Thursday, 28 December 2006

Poor Drivers to be Above the Law

If you can't pay for your traffic fines you will soon be able to drive at speeds like those that Helen travels at when she is late for rugby games with no fear for your wallet.

Yep folks the government's latest socialist policy is that those who cannot afford to pay their traffic fines should not have to.

This is apparently supposed to help those on low incomes who commit traffic offenses. Why should anyone get help with breaking the law? Don't want a $200 speeding ticket? Don't speed. Don't cry I'm poor, I should be allowed to speed for free...

Apparently its because a $200 fine is nothing to a rich person but to a poor person its your whole family's grocery bill for a week. Well on that rationale lets take a look at the cost of groceries - for a poor person the family grocery bill takes most of their paycheck/benefit but for a rich person its nothing... I guess the goverment should pass a law making all supermarkets inflate their prices for rich people and reduce them for the poor....

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  1. Well if you can speed with no consequence for a rugby game then why not if you are poor?


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