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Saturday, 2 December 2006

Key a PC Socialist?

Murray certainly thinks so and I am inclined to agree from what I have heard so far from the man. Of course it could all be the way the media are reporting things but Key does appear to be pulling National more centrist and last time National were over there it was disastrous for them.

Sure, this time they are facing an incumbant govt which is steeped in scandal and so there will probably be some moderate Labour voters who might vote for what Murray has renamed National, "Labour Lite", but what of those on the centre right and further over to the right (as in correct) position?

It looks like we are left with voting National because its not Labour or jumping to ACT's two man band.


  1. "It looks like we are left with voting National because its not Labour or jumping to ACT's two man band"
    Hi, just out of interest, why not 'jump' over to "ACT's two man band"?

  2. Well I was just going say the same thing as Sam, but yeah Why not Jump over. The policies of the Nats seem to flow all over the place. We seem to have gone from Brash not wanting to be involved with Minor parties to Key, wanting his foot in the door with all of them

  3. Well true, and in fact last election we did jump over to ACT...Party vote ACT, Electorate vote National.

    The problem this time round is the fact that ACT is a two man band. We liked the Newman and Franks aspects of ACT more than the Hide and Roy.

    Also, ACT's policies seem to have softened somewhat over the past few years. Still you are right they are a much better bet policy-wise than National.

  4. I actually had pretty high hopes that Key would cut the non-committal crap that brash had been giving, especially about nuclear energy. Well, Key is committal, but he went in the wrong direction! The nats are still the lesser of two evils. just wish, more New Zealanders weren't stupid and didn't vote for those two parties. It's tragic when the most I can say of the major party that I favour is that they will do less damage than the other side.


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