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Saturday, 30 December 2006

Christmas was never about religion til recently....

I thought it was one of those urban legends, you know when you keep hearing something that sounds so ridiculous it can't possibly be true.

I am speaking of the reports I have heard about people phoning into talkback shows or strangers overheard making comments to the effect that religious people are trying to take over Christmas, they should stay out of it as God has nothing to do with it.

Now this may well be true for a lot of people but it reeks of historical ignorance, so much so that like I said, I thought it was an urban legend.

Well over at, aptly named it appears, Rob's Blockhead Blog I found this gem "I'm not a fan of the modern Christmas. Once upon a time, it was something purer and simpler. Sheer self-indulgence and bacchanalian feasting. I don't hold with this modern trend of bringing religion into it." [emphasis mine]

Rob goes on to give a brief historical account of Christmas songs of note to him. It seems he does not realise that Away in a Manger, Hark the Herald Angels, Silent Night and Long Time ago in Bethlehem were written before his modern account of secular Christmas songs.

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