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Sunday, 3 December 2006

Airport Security - What a Joke!

Tomorrow I will be flying out of town and I was just now pondering the whole check in procedure and I remembered the last time I flew about a month ago....

I was standing inline at the airport security thingy waiting to get on the plane. Everyone steps up, puts their handluggage through the scanner and steps through the metal detector - can't have any weapons going onto the plane.

Of course heaps of people trip the metal detector with their belt buckles and jewellery, they get manually scanned and when the detector goes off over their harmless belt buckles and jewellery they are sent onto the plane.

When it came to me I set the detector off - my brooch was the culprit it seemed but once they had ascertained that they sent me onto the plane!!

But hang on! Brooches have long, sharp pins on them!!! Hello!!! Potential weapon?!? I mean, if you are not allowed a crochet hook or sewing needles on the plane why are you allowed a big sharp pin on a brooch?

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