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Saturday, 30 December 2006

More Stupid Policies that Penalise Drivers

The government is planning on introducing a new tax on drivers, a tax on distance travelled. Similar to the road user charges already inflicted on diesel drivers.

This is apparently to help reduce the junk science concept of 'global warming' - please!

Of course National now buys all that crap about "global warming science" thanks to its new leadership.

We are over taxed. We don't need more taxes. Cut our taxes. Global Warming is an historical part of Earth's life, it will cool down for centuries at some point in the future then it will warm up - look at history.

Waterworld was just an 3rd rate movie with actors in it, its not a real prediction of future water levels.

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  1. Even if, despite the evidence (and I'm not just talking about Al Gore's movie), global warming is merely 'junk science', don't you guys think that it is important to take steps to protect the planet for future generations?
    I know that sounds awfully cliched, but we should be taking measures to protect the environment not just to halt any potential global warming, but also to preserve the resources and wide open spaces that I took for granted as a kid and still largely do so today.
    Any steps to encourage people to think about what they're doing when they hop in the car to drive to the shops 500 metres down the road is surely a positive thing, whether it's to combat global warming or simply use resources responsibly. Walking's better for you anyway :)


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