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Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Don't Apologise for Your Opinion

I get so frustrated whether it is in the company of others, on email lists or participating in blog and debate board debates when I see someone present their case, their reasons for holding the position they do, how they think their position defeats objections and then they throw in "its just my opinion."

Its just my opinion often means I don't want you to think I am saying I am right or that my position is better than yours, it is seen as polite to do this and arrogant not to think these things.

Its frustrating to me because its a load of rubbish.

If you hold a position that you can articulate and explain and point out how it defeats other's objections then you do think that you are right, that your position is the better one and they those with contrary views are wrong.

No one with a thought out position holds to the one they think is second rate, not as good as others or plain wrong. We all hold to our reasoned positions because after considering them we conclude that this is the correct, right and best position to adopt.

So what is the shame in admitting this then? How is it arrogant to state here is my position, here is why I hold it, here is why and how I think deals with objections and as such it is the right, better and correct position and yours is wrong?

As long as you maintain an open mind and hold to your positions on the merits of the arguments for them, their robustness under critique there is nothing wrong with saying I am right and you are wrong - there is no need to apologise for having the better argument.

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