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Thursday, 21 December 2006

Dear Hell Pizza

My kids get taught about sex when I decide to teach them about it. As their parents I get to decide what and how I tell them about it.

No one else gets to infringe my right to educate my kids, not the state, not family planning and not the local pizza company.

I used to buy your pizza's but since you decided you could override my rights as a parent, you will never, ever, ever see any of my money, ever again.

Further, I will encourage anyone who claims to be right wing to join me in my boycott of your business. Hell Pizza are right up there with the worst of the nanny state lefties and do not deserve to prosper.

PS. Your pizza's were never that great anyway and my kids always preferred Pizza Hut and Dominoes.


  1. Excuse me but this government does little else than usurp your rights as a parent.

    Be outraged by all means, but share the rage with those that do it deliberately.

  2. I had noticed that the government does that. Our kids are home educated, we have as little to do with government ursurption of our parental rights as possible and fight it loudly whenever we can. However, I get equally annoyed when other people jump on the bandwagon and try the same thing. Hell Pizza were quoted saying something like 'well if parents were doing their job then we wouldn't have to...' As if that gave them some excuse to override parental rights and do something as extreme as expose very young children to their attempt at parenting for us. Lots of parents, the majority, are doing their jobs properly. I know where my kids are, I know who they are with, they know far more about the world and have a greater sense of responsibility than most of their peers. My kids are not running around getting drunk, pregnant or committing crimes. Most people's kids are not doing these things either. The government, private individuals and Hell Pizza should leave us alone.

  3. What the hell are you talking about!!!! No organization tells one how to raise there children in this country.
    I do not beleive for a second that you can "Home School" your children in a major city in NZ. I think you must be some sort of 70's hippy that thinks they can do better than either the state or private schools in NZ

    And as for blaming Hell's Pizza's, all I can say is good on them!!!!


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