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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Birthday in the House

Happy Birthday Sherry!

Just thought we'd embarrass you by telling the world you are 17 today!

...hard to believe I have a 17 year old daughter...


  1. Thankyou :-) Whilst that would be scientifically impossible, I feel less ancient now.

  2. Dont you believe in a God of miracles?

    tee hee :)

  3. what's embarassing about turning 17? it's even exciting because its a year away from that big number, 18! :)

  4. The embarassment is mostly about being mentioned on her parents blog but also she is not really enjoying this age much because legally it is so confusing.

    One minute she can independantly go and do something, the next she needs our signature or permission. She feels like she is expected to be an adult but she isn't allowed to be and people treat her like a kid one minute then have all these epectations the next. She is finding it confusing and frustrating.

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