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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bullying (Again) and Coming Posts

Matt and I have not written much of late for MandM due to the bullying problem having arisen again. Christian was assaulted/bullied on four separate occasions at school last week. Twice during class and in both instances the teachers failed to address the matter adequately. In addition, despite the most serious incident happening at lunchtime, he was knocked to the ground and kicked by a pack of boys, the first we heard of it was after school when he came home as he was sent back to class despite repeatedly asking for us to be phoned; when he went back to class another boy punched him three times.

We have not sent him to school since all this happened, we have been seeking legal advice and are trying to decide what to do going forward as he has Aspergers so does not want any change on top of everything else, the mere thought of another school or being home-schooled with his siblings makes him panic but neither he or us has any doubt that he will get hit again if he returns to school and none of us have any faith in the school to be able to keep him safe or have their teachers act properly against the perpetrators if it happens in class - our complaint that we are drafting to the board of trustees names 4 of his 6 teachers. Writing it takes precedence over drafting new blog posts, at least the sort of posts that require our heads to be focused and require several hours of research and writing.

So as you can imagine our heads are not really on MandM - please chat amongst yourselves, if anyone has guest posts they want to submit that would be cool.

Coming up though, we do have some posts in the pipeline:

Matt has a two part response to John W. Loftus' The Christian Illusion of Moral Superiority - it is about 1/3 edited and needs a couple of quotes checked so it is not far away; he has a response to Ken on Divine Commands and Intuitions that I think he said if I could edit today is ready to go - I will have to have a look; he has something on Tooley's deontological argument from evil and Plantinga's response that apparently just needs editing and a footnote to be chased up and he is writing a guest post for Debunking Christianity that we will cross post here and he still owes me the piece on Sodom and Gomorrah he promised me and Anna last weekend. There are a handful of other things on his I-must-get-to-that list too - Kaiwai posted something on our Is Abortion Liberal series on his blog that he should respond to and he has some other stuff in his head as well.

I have been working on some of the reader requests and I have a half-written post of the foreshore and seabed legislation with a jurisprudential spin - my lecturer told me yesterday that someone is submitting a shadow report to the UN on Thursday regarding a human rights complaint on this issue and it is available online currently so I need to read that first. I have in my head the why we have the Colosseum on our banner post and have gotten as far as some research on it, I also have a domestic violence post rattling around my head as well that I should be able to bring together easily enough by hacking up an old law paper and adding some thoughts from my recent reading on the matter. There will be something turning up in the next month or so on human rights, what are they are they not and a specific examination of both 'property rights' and 'health rights' (because I have to produce a 4,000 word essay on the subject to pass one of my papers so I may as well turn it into a blog post). Oh and of course Tumeke's March rankings finally came out on Sunday so I need to do the report and run the top 10 NZ Christian blogs for March - no sign of HalfDone's April rankings so I have a breather there for that report.

So please bear with us and we will work on getting something online soon.


  1. Oh my goodness, that's terrible!

    I'm so sorry that is happening to your son.

    I'll add you all to my prayers.

  2. Thanks. That is much appreciated. I just wish he would get over his aversion to change and come home and be home schooled - but being 14 we feel he gets to have some say as to his educational future though we will not support a continuation of what has been happening. Some clarity is emerging, so hopefully we will sort things out.


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