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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Top 10 NZ Christian Blogs - March 09

The MandM Top 10 New Zealand Christian Blogs for March 09, in the category of public discourse, are ranked by identifying Christian blogs then comparing Half Done's March 09 stats with Tumeke's March 09 stats and averaging them to obtain their overall March 09 ranking.

Rank. [previous top 10 rank] Blog MandM (Half Done Tumeke)
1. [1.] NZ Conservative 18 (8 - 28 )
2. [2.] Something Should Go Here, Maybe Later (HalfDone) 19.5 (12 - 27)
3. [5.] MandM 21 (7 - 35) [if correct uniques used on Tumeke: 2. MandM 19 (7-31)]
3. [N] MacDoctor Moments 21 (25 - 17)
4. [4.] Keeping Stock 29.5 (26 - 33)
5. [6.] Being Frank 42* (39 - ??)
6. [3.] The Briefing Room 48 (40 - 56)
7. [8.] Samuel Dennis 49 (32 - 66)
8. [10.] The Humanitarian Chronicle 49.5 (55 - 44)
9. [9.] Say Hello to my Little Friend (Beretta Blog) 57 (53 - 61)
10. [7.] Kiwi Polemicist 68 (63 - 73)
* For blogs that only feature on one set of stats a score for the other set is estimated by factoring in the discrepancy between the two sets of stats given their different ranking methods; any blogs this effects are marked with an asterisk. We suggest that any blog not featuring on both should submit their blog to the ranking they are not currently on as it is not always possible for us to simply calculate the score that blog would have obtained.

Note: This list only includes Christian blogs that openly identify as Christian blogs on Tumeke's ranking descriptions. If you think your blog should be on the MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blogs rankings contact Tim Selwyn of Tumeke and ask him to change your blog description to include something identifiably Christian on his rankings. More here.


  1. Argh, only March? I'm waiting for April's stats, as that was a really good month (compared to March anyway). May will be down a bit with me flying up there for a week.

    Recent blog post: I’m heading North

  2. You can blog from our place. Tumeke's stats usually come out around the 20th of the following month but this time they came out really late.

    Not sure where HalfDone's April stats are though - he normally has them out within a day or so of month's end.

    I was pretty peeved when I discovered that Tim hadn't been able to get out March stats due to our stat counter going mental and disabling public access (which it has done about 10 times in the past fortnight) so he went off our January ones - I had just gotten out of hospital and we were barely blogging back in January. I emailed him and gave him the correct ones but he said that once the stats are up he will not correct them. Ah well, they are only stats!

    Recent blog post: Top 10 NZ Christian Blogs - March 09

  3. Stephanie @ Faithful Follower of ChristWednesday, 6 May 2009 at 5:30:00 PM NZST

    Congrats on moving up to the #3 spot!

    Recent blog post: The Blood of Jesus--Rev. Mark Hankins Part One

  4. Thanks, it should be number 2 - technology grrr! Roll on April stats - halfway through April we finally rolled around to a full technorati score so that will help and from May onwards it will be an even playing field finally.

    (Undoubtedly with this comment, demonstrating I care about our stats, I will start round 3 of the bad blogging motives argument LOL) <- hey I made a pun!

    Recent blog post: Top 10 NZ Christian Blogs - March 09

  5. Stephanie @ Faithful Follower of ChristWednesday, 6 May 2009 at 5:43:00 PM NZST

    LOL! Well, if it makes you feel any better, I care about my stats too! I hardly think it is a "bad blogging motive," because obviously if you are publishing a blog, you are writing for an audience. Improving stats are an indication that your content is both interesting and well-written. If you continually have a declining audience, or no audience at all for that matter--then you should probably stop blogging publicly and journal for yourself only!

    Recent blog post: The Blood of Jesus--Rev. Mark Hankins Part One

  6. Precisely. Such a simple concept yet one some seriously struggle to grasp.

    Recent blog post: Lunchtime Forum: Bringing Faith and Logic out of the Closet

  7. Blogger Greg at theholycause is trying to do an exhaustive list of Christian libertarian blogs. A bit of a mammoth task if you ask me. Anyway, I thought I'd mention it here so people can visit and leave their blog address if this is a description of them. He has the rules in his post. I guess several persons in the NZ Christian blogs sidebar would qualify.

    MandM, I left your blog address though you would use the term Classic liberal. Hope that's okay, if not I guess I better correct him. If you think it a useful exercise you could post about it.


    Does js-kit let you use simple html in the comments? And it is time they got a preview button.

    Recent blog post: Conflict of interest

  8. I'll check it out thanks. We are classical liberal with a libertarian tinge - which comes from me more than Matt. It is only a subtle difference really but it depends how he is defining things.

    JS Kit wise - you can use i, b, a href but blockquote doesn't work. I haven't tried anything else.

    Preview button I hear you on - especially with Matt's undiagnosed dyslexia/typo thing.

    I also want to use that code they have to make the url a commenter enters into an active link behind the name they enter but I cannot work out how much of it I am supposed to use or where to put it.

    Recent blog post: Top 10 NZ Christian Blogs - March 09

  9. bethyada - Thanks for mentioning the list here.

    I agree, a mammoth task, but we're giving it a good try. I welcome suggestions at the URL given above, or at my email address theholycause (at)

    As stated above, see the rules in the post. It is a pretty big tent, I see more value in being a little inclusive than exclusive.


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