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Friday, 1 May 2009

Dr Glenn Peoples on Religion in the Public Square

You are invited to the next Thinking Matters Auckland event in the God, Morality and Society winter series:

What: Dr Glenn Peoples speaking on Religion in the Public Square
When: Tuesday 12 May – 7:00pm
Where: Lecture Room 2, Laidlaw College, 80 Central Park Drive, Henderson, West Auckland
Format: Talk followed by questions, answers and discussion
Cost: Free but donations are appreciated

According to a number of influential thinkers, it is wrong for citizens to support policies because of their religious convictions because this would make those policies unjustified in a liberal democracy. Is this true?

Dr Peoples argues that the rules used to exclude such policies are simply not workable or reasonable. He explains that more sensible and fair models of public justification do in fact permit us to promote policies that we hold on the basis of our religious convictions. However, when the architects of these improved models realise that they have now opened the door to religious participation in public life, they change the rules, shifting the goalpost and inventing special exceptions in order to maintain that those with religious convictions should keep them out of the public square.

Dr Peoples graduated with his PhD in philosophy from the University of Otago in 2008 after completing undergrad and graduate degrees in theology. He runs New Zealand’s top Christian podcast, Say Hello to my Little Friend and is a very clear and articulate speaker.

Religion in the Public Square

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