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Friday, 1 May 2009

Thinking Matters Winter Series: God, Morality and Society

Want something to do on those wintery Tuesday nights? Thinking Matters Auckland has lined up a winter series addressing apologetic issues around God, Morality and Society.

Dates, speakers and topics as follows:
Semester Break
As each event in the series approaches more information on each speaker and their topic will be provided.
Thinking Matters


  1. oooh ooh, i hope i can make it to see Glenn... I'd like to heckle him somewhat from the sidelines :P

    in breaking news, I have access to some gentlemen of the Christian variety, who are in the business of making films (video podcasts as well), and they would possibly volunteer their time to film, edit, and youtube'ify (or what ever) the speakers.

    They are interested in trying to create a repository of NZ Christian teachings video, audio, and written.

  2. Glenn would appreciate the heckling I am sure! Our cameraman/editor is now back from the US, he is a professional himself, but it is always good to have backups for when one's cameraman goes to the US...

    Your friends idea is exellent, we would definitely like to offer our services and if they are keen to help us create MandM the videocast version that would be exellent. We should talk when you come to heckle Glenn - he is up for a week so if you want to catch up and discuss this further email me.

    Recent blog post: Dr Glenn Peoples on Religion in the Public Square


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