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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lunchtime Forum: Bringing Faith and Logic out of the Closet

You’re invited to a lunchtime forum to get a taste of what happens at Thinking Matters' Tuesday seminars:

What: Dr Glenn Peoples and Dr Matthew Flannagan speaking on Bringing Faith and Logic out of the Closet
When: Thursday 7 May 12:30-1.30 pm
Where: Lecture Room 2, Laidlaw College, 80 Central Park Drive, Henderson, West Auckland
Format: Brief talk followed by questions, answers and discussion
Cost: Free but donations are appreciated

Dr Flannagan will speak on faith and logic, their compatibility and relationship to each other and why Christians should not fear them as secular, humanistic tools. Dr Peoples will speak on how to use these tools to defend Christianity’s place in public life and provide a sample of his coming Tuesday talk.

Drs Peoples and Flannagan both have years of experience defending the faith and dialoguing with sceptics, so bring a friend and bring your questions!
Thinking Matters

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